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With very-very fast time, has been release new map again from indogamers. But this time is AI map. That`s map dota 6.59 AI. But in this map is great for you because you can try a new skill of some hero like Raijin Thunderkeg and Dirge The Undying in offline mode in your home. As usual there are some changelogs what i found in map dota 6.59 AI. And here they are :

So what are you waiting for ??? If you want to have map dota 6.59 AI map you just klik link below and feel the AI in your computer <^,..,^>

If you want to download more faster with ziddu, you can register
here first !

1 komentar
  1. SOUVIK GHOSH 28 November 2012 00.30  

    Thank You.... I am waiting for releasing 6.76 ai to download asap......
    BeST oF TrIckS