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On the lately decade internet becomes an important media that able to replace other media like television, radio, and even magazine. People love to use internet because they can find anything the want on the network. People can buy some stuffs, get supporting information for the study, get easiness on working and they can even find the road trough the pages of internet. For us who join the internet-based business, or what usually called as the ecommerce might already found the easiness offered by internet.

Just like the land-based business, our website that works as our display needs a promotion so customers will recognize us. We can find so many ways to introduce our website to customer, from the expensive advertising on popular website to the cheap and easy email advertising. Among so many promotional method provided on the network, finding effective and costless method is not an easy thing.

Each of the promotional method offers good solution, but we have to use one that suit with our need. Every method also has its own positive and negative side so we have to be very selective. To give us advice and information of the promotional method on the network, we can read Which promotional strategy is most effective article that we can find on

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