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Download Map Dota 6.63

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Yeess, finally Map Dota 6.63 has been released...!!! This map contain bug fixes and many balanced. And in Map Dota 6.63 has New Loadscreen !!! IMPORTANT, if you want to play this map, you must use Dota Patch 1.24b.

Here i quote some explanation from IceFrogBlog :

The map has just been released. We have a new changelog system that should make it easier to see the changes made. It is available here. I hope you guys enjoy the patch. There are some things that might take some time to get used to, but hopefully it improves your gameplay experience in the long run. As always, feel free to give your feedback. The surprise I mentioned previously on my blog was a new loading screen by Kunkka. He will make a new thread here with a desktop version of the image as soon as he can.

As ussual, every new Map have changelogs. Because changelogs in the map 6.63 is very much, so I made the changelogs in the next posting.

If you want to have this map, you just klik link below :

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