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Nowadays, internet is a common thing for people around the world. Most people use internet and there is a fact that internet can help them a lot. We can communicate each other in a far away distance, find the latest information around the world, and even we can expand our business by using online marketing.

One facility that you can use to do those activities above called blog. Actually what is a blog? Generally blog is a medium so you can have a space on the internet. You can write anything you want or post interesting information for certain websites. Again, you can also use it for the purpose of gaining money. Some people use blog as business purpose especially for online marketing because it simple and save more cost. Specifically, we can use blog to get closer with your customers and just imagine that you have a virtual store. Of course you need to promote your product there and it similar with land based marketing.

The different is in the term of the way you do the trade. If you have a commercial blog it means your blog will appears on the search engine and this is how your customers find you. Instead of that you can also use blog as your personal space and use it as your personal diary.

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