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Indogamers now release a new map again. Yeah thats map dota 6.59b. As usual in this map there are just one changelog . Here i want to tell you about the changelog in map dota 6.59b :

* Fixed various memory glitches from recent optimizations that sometimes resulted in abilities/items malfunctioning

Usually many changelog on new maps, but i dont know why indogamers just put one changelog. But that`s doesn`t matter. We still can play khan ??? If you want to play map dota 6.59b you can download here and just klik link below

If you want to download more faster with ziddu, you can register here first !

Maybe you lost some older maps you can choose the another one below

download map dota 6.58b

download map dota 6.58

download map dota 6.59

download map dota 6.59 AI

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