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Quest in map dota 6.59b

Diposting oleh Dandy Lomokz | 19.42

In map dota 6.59b have a new quest...!!!! Maybe some people says that in map dota 6.59b is same with map dota 6.59. But thats wrong ! In map dota 6.59b there are a new quest !!! Do you want to know what is the quest ??? The quest is Guide and Walkthrough - Tauren Chieftain Secret Boss. Tauren Chieftain Secret Boss is almost same with Roshan. But, for start the quest or against the Tauren Chieftain Secret Boss you must collect 4 totems for Sentinel (Totem of Wind, Totem of Water, Totem of Fire, and Totem of Earth) or 4 Icefrog for The Scourge and take those into top left of the map. Activate 4 of them and fight the secret boss! If you succesfull found the TAUREN CHIEFTAIN SECRET BOS and kill him, you will get a gift the form of a Axe Of Chieftain. This equip can +200 strength and have Chieftain Strike (active).


So Let`s found the Tauren Chieftain Secret Bos and KILL HIM....!!!!!

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