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-RD (-RandomDraft)

Diposting oleh Dandy Lomokz | 12.08


Maybe this mode is don`t strange in your ear. But for some many people doesn`t know how to play with this mode. In this articel, i want explain about -RandomDraft. In this mode 22 random heroes are picked from all available ones and placed into 2 taverns (available for both Sentinel and Scourge) then we can choose between 22 heroes who has randomed. It have rule to choose a hero> first, Blue will have 20 seconds to select his hero. Then pink and grey will have 20 secs to pick a hero. And so on.
(Senti 1-Scourge 2-Senti 2-Scourge 2-Senti 2-Scourge 1).
So, are you get my explanation and want to check this mode ?!?! What are you waiting for ?!?! Let`s PLAY with this mode ^.^

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