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I have a new software of Dota. Thats download Dota Patcher. This software is using for automatic update Dota Map and you`ll get the newest version of dota map. Dota Patcher is usefull for you if you lazy to always download the newest Map Dota. Here`s the features list of Dota Patcher :

  • Automatically downloads new versions of DotA and displaythe changelog!
  • Replaces the Warcraft III Icon on your desktop
  • Options to select additional programs (such as ListChecker) to run with Warcraft III
  • Run any combination of programs, (GGC, Banlist, LC, etc) in any order, automatically
  • Displays the latest news from!

Dota Patcher is cool! Right? To download Dota Patcher, you can click the link below :

download dota patcher

If you want to download more faster with ziddu, you can register here first !

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