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IceFrog leave Dota-Allstar ???

Diposting oleh Dandy Lomokz | 07.39

I`ve hear a rumor that IceFrog want to leave the DotA-Allstar. I think that`s just a rumor. But, when i`ve read an article from dota-allstar-blog, i was shock that that`s true, So i try to find the reason why IceFrog want to leave and what is happen between IceFrog and

When i read a forum, i read a threads why IceFrog decide to leave The rumor is Pendragon (Dota-Allstar`s founder) want to commercialize Dota and IceFrog didn`t agree with it ! Because IceFrog assume that Dota is just to remain a hobby, not for commercialize. So thats reason why IceFrog leave Pendragon and Dota-Allstar

And here the article's quote from IceFrog :

DotA Website News

As a result of some differences, I am no longer affiliated with the website. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone over there the best of luck in the future.

I still plan on continuing DotA development for a long time, a couple years at the very least. The next update, 6.60, is nearing the end of its design and testing phase. The translation phase will also be starting shortly. There is still a little bit more work to do on fixing some specific content, but it's finally approaching completion. I will post another update here in the near future.

As of today, I am starting a new community site for DotA. I think it is more valuable to the players though if I focus most of my time on developing and improving the game, so I'm here to reach out and ask for help on this. I believe that with some organization, the community has some very talented people that can help build a site to serve their interests and needs. Help can come in many different forms: programming, design, technical support, content contributions, etc. My goal is to have a format where everyone that wants to help can contribute in a productive way. If you are interested in being involved, please send me an email at

So i hope in the next will be better :D

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