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When i`m reading about dota in internet, accidentally i found Dota Maphack for dota version 1.22 has been release. Truly i never try this Maphack, but if you want to try this Maphack, you can read the tutorial of "How to use Dota Maphack" below at once you can download Dota Maphack for dota v1.22 free. So, you must download Dota Maphack for dota v1.22 first before you read tutorial about "how to use Dota Maphack".

download Dota Maphack v1.22

Ok, after you download dota maphack v1.22, you can read tutorial below :

Tutorial of "How to use Dota Maphack" :

1. Open Warcraft, and press Alt + tab

2. Open Dota Maphack v1.22 and there are 3 files that are : Readme.txt, Main.cpp, and SimpleWc3Hack.exe

3. Double Click at SimpleWc3Hack.exe

4. And then, the note will come out like this:

Clan L2H Presents BMap By Bendik
Searching WC3...
Getting debug privileges...
Opening Warcraft 3 Processs...
Processs Opened. .Patching. .
Done, Goodbye!
Press any key to continue..

You just need to click any key to continue now :) The Dota Maphack will be close automaticly

5. Login to your account -> play the game-> and Kill your ENEMIES !!!

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If you want to download more faster with ziddu, you can register here first !

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